Players are looking forward to some interesting improvements in scoring in NBA 2K21

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Players will see the brand new NBA 2K21 in about half a month. After watching many trailers released by 2K Sports, they are more eager to experience the extra features and new gameplay shown in the video. In addition, it will also release a lot of powerful player cards that have never been seen before. Their addition will enhance the players’ overall lineup strength. Players who want these players need a certain amount of NBA 2K21 MT to get them.

Take scoring as an example, many players will not find the right time to attack. Some coaches are emulating the tactics of Spurs coach Popovich and advocating team basketball. This offensive and defensive concept is more suitable for those lineups where each player's strength is average. Players can create the best offensive opportunities by using everyone's strengths. When facing a strong opponent, players are best to carefully observe the situation on the field and conduct more passes to find the player who is most suitable for attacking and complete the score. They also need to make good use of the big players' height advantage at the basket to grab rebounds or block opponents when defending.

At the same time, players are also looking forward to the game team, can make certain optimizations to the animation interface when players shoot to make it more beautiful. When players use players who use European layups, they should also pay attention to whether the opponent’s defensive formation is strong. On the defensive end, 2K players also hope that the big men can have more strength in the paint. Block positioning has improved so that weak shots can send back more easily, and the game team has also increased the coverage to be in contact with the paint, slowing down excessively powerful actions like last year’s jump and layup.

In summary, there are actually some other methods to help players score quickly in the game. The best way is to use some players good at shooting, such as Stephen Curry or Ray Allen. The scoring ability of these players, especially the three-point ability, is so powerful that many opponents are afraid that they cannot limit the scoring of such players. Players who want to gain such players can now Buy 2K21 MT and wait for the official release of the game and then get them.