Which players are the biggest highlights of Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 22

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Last Friday, players ushered in Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 22 and most players spent a lot of MUT Coins yesterday to purchase all the powerful player cards that appeared this time. Super Cup champion quarterbacks Joe Montana and Sean Taylor and guard Franco Harris are the three most dazzling player cards. These three cards with a total score of 99 are all improved player cards. Let’s look at their details and how to get them.

The great superstar Joe Montana is the leader in the event. Now his player card total score is a lot higher than in the past to 99 points. Even in a tough game environment, Joe still has a 99-point throw and a 98-point short throw and mid-pass, and a 97-point depth of play and critical moment performance. Sean Taylor now has a total score of 99 points. With the help of brand extra UL items, Taylor already has a 99-point hit ability, 97-point acceleration and speed, and a 94-point ball dealer. Defender Franco Harris, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, had a 99-point load and a 98-point court awareness and a 93-point speed, as well as 89 points of power and blocking ability.

Players can only buy Joe Montana's player cards on Saturday and Sunday. Some smart players will buy him and wait for the time limit for the sale to pass before placing him in the auction house for auction to obtain MUT Coins. Players can also synthesize five cards to obtain Taylor or Harris' Ultimate Legends items. They can get Madden Coins and Taylor and Harris Power Up items as long as they complete the challenges related to Taylor and Harris.

Players can also use the self-built lineup to get a series of tokens by defeating the Ultimate Legends team. The token Quicksell sells for up to 10,000 Madden Coins. For those who are still trying to buy rookie Premiere exchange equipment cards, these extra MUT Coins will help those who are still trying to buy rookie Premiere exchange equipment cards. They need not Buy MUT Coins. We can also regard it can also as an additional benefit provided by the Madden team for players.