If You Would Like To Sit And Auto-Attack As Before

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On coaching my 3rd pking account in 2010, I have even contemplated botting since it's rather obvious to anyone who has coached a pking accounts it is boring as hell. In retrospect I was lucky because in the time a lot of accounts were being stolen by botting websites and I decided partly based on this that OSRS gold it wouldn't be wise to make a pking account via botting. With this said, there clearly is a problem that Jagex is not addressing. People that bot seem to be bored with the concept of gaining levels to pk with, and with good reason. Pkers who wish to train their levels in the classic way of killing mobs have been required to kill the very same mobs for decades, its always minotaurs or monks or some other grindable mob.

You will find bots resurfacing to Runescape

so that I would say that a solution to the botting of pkers and personal servers being so populated is that there has to be a way in which levelling is made fun. Jagex must quit taking a look at the botting difficulty in methods of physical prevention, bodily prevention won't occur most likely as even today after the bot nuke you will find bots resurfacing to Runescape. Jagex should instead concentrate on why folks are botting and then they can knock out a good part of botters, just leaving the gold sellers and other men and women who just bot for money alone.

A solution to stopping"pk botters" is to make training battle fun and not a dreadful ordeal. This can be achieved through introducing items that are aimed directly at pkers and other grinding players, such as introducing some kind of Runescape 2107 gold game in which you can get monetary rewards for fighting nicely against individuals not rewards which are encounter or non-tradables. You may say"this will disrupt the market" or something like that, I am positive that most pkers would buy a lot of supplies until they start pking and send their money to sellers of common pking supplies. I don't believe a mild increase in pking supplies prices is going to be that bad, as most supplies have been quite cheap because of botting.