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Action RPG Developer Path of Exile today revealed the changes that the 3.12.4b update will bring to the Theft Alliance. For example, from the treasure chest in the robbery, we will have the opportunity to obtain POE Currency, and after the isolation begins, the trap will start to activate.

The 3.12.4b update for Path of Exile should be released soon (most likely this week), and Grinding Gear Games will release an action RPG. In order to prepare for various editing for us in advance, the team published a preliminary list of changes online.

According to the patch notes, heist and larger heist reward rooms can now contain unique contracts. During the countdown to the isolation state, the traps in the theft battle ceased activity. That is, they are now activated only after the isolation has started.

The zone manager now allows you to create new zones or enter existing zones in Rogue Harbor. You can no longer change the hiding place by talking to Elena on the map. Now, we can definitely complete the battle with the twins without getting stuck at the door.

Mercenaries will no longer regress. Fixed a bug that allowed the sneak attack skills granted by the unique Hidden Sword and Dagger to be used in the city. The game client should no longer crash when closing the exile path after changing the renderer.

Now only with the help of mercenaries can the guard on the lever be killed. The team can also Buy POE Currency to make the position of the patrol icon on the minimap more accurate.