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Encore Business Cards

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These Encore Business Cards are truly unique. The production of these cards gives a wow factor that will have you stand out from others. The production process uses a technology called MultiLoft, this technique has a coloured card sandwiched between the front and back printed card. The colour running around the edge of the card gives a beautifully finished product like a ribbon around a box. The bright colours used for the "core" of the card jump out as unique as they are not normally seen in printed material, as they are out of the colour gamut of the CMYK pallet. This alone makes for a unique business card, seeing a colour that your eyes don't normally see.

There are 2 thicknesses to choose from 32 Points (0.8mm) OR 46 Points (1.2mm). The thickness refers to the thickness of the coloured strip in the centre of the card.

Printing of the card is done in CMYK full colour either single or double-sided.

The card is an uncoated board and has a raw feel to the touch. There are 2 card colours to choose from, Kraft (brown bag) and Ultra White (High white)

2 Thickness to Choose From
6 Core Colours To Choose From
2 Card Stocks To Choose From

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